‘Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home’ by Lyrics Of Two

‘Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home’ by Lyrics Of Two

‘Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home’ is a ballad written by Californian based band founder Marie Helen Abramyan.

For us, the track is a cross between Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s ‘Transcendental Reunion’. It promotes a message of positivity and kindness to all regardless of sex, religion or creed.

The instrumentation is simple in its make up but flatters the track well, leaving space to hear and take in the main star, the vocal. The smooth and warm vocal compliments the tone of the song perfectly. It is easy listening, mixed with pop, culminating in a create and innovative piece, with a positive message underlay. The mix of the song and also the way it has been mastered is suburb. Each instrument shines individually, while seamlessly blending together.

The art work which accompanies the piece is a great match to the music it encapsulates. Simple, in no way flashy but honest and representative.

With a catchy chorus and a feel good message “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” is a winner with us!






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