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‘The Letting Go’ – Duet Natalie Jean and Levi Moore

‘The Letting Go’ is a powerful song about letting go of the past and moving forward with love. It is an emotive subject that everyone can relate to in some way, shape or form and this is what makes it an excellent single.

The song starts with a sparse piano and guitar intro which sets the tone for things to come. When the kick drums comes in, it feels like a heart beat still beating, strong and steady even in times of struggle.

Natalie’s voice is the first we hear and it is filled with emotion and a natural quality which is only enhanced with the mix of the track. Before the chorus the already sparse instrumentation falls away to a solo piano before the lush chorus kicks back in creating texture in a beautifully penned song.

The second verse is sung by Levi who has a fine timbre and sadness in his voice. There are interesting chord structures throughout and the minimal instruments on both of the verses give the exquisitely excited vocals shine.

The bridge is simply wonderful. It is shared between the two talented vocalists and is stunning. The final chorus ties the song together, it is incredibly moving, deep and heartfelt. Not to mention how catchy it is! There is a whisper at the very end, a lovely touch of a delicate ending to a

powerfully moving song.

We can’t wait to hear more from these 5 star artists!

Reviewed by FVreviews March 2018


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