Ron Hamrick – ‘Time’ 

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Ron Hamrick is a songwriter originally from Michigan. His latest release ‘Time’, is a brilliant retrospective look at life, love and how fast time flies.

‘Time’ begins with a happy and upbeat tune, the instrumentation comprises of guitars, drums, bass, and a tambourine. The electric guitar plays an arpeggio and takes the lead of the listener’s ears, commanding their attention and concentration. Next, we hear Hamrick’s gorgeous voice. Reminiscent of Brian Wilson, Hamrick has a beautiful tone which transports the listener to a place of safety, contemplation, and peace. His voice is sweet and comforting, always guiding the listener through this magnificent piece of work. Hamrick has the type of voice that could sing the phonebook and be thoroughly engaging, conveying emotion and performance. Blissful.

The instrumentation stays similar throughout the song with the vocals shining as the focal point. Chordwise, there are unexpected changes from major to minor which add texture and builds depth. It enables the track to take unexpected turns and keeps the listener on their toes. The melody is catchy and Hamrick’s cadences are well versed and executed.

‘Time’ is extremely catchy and from our first listen we were singing it in the office all day!  There is no doubting or denying what a magnificent artist Ron Hamrick is. From his composition to his thoughtful lyrics, each element has been meticulously thought over. Hamrick’s lyrics are heartfelt and relatable to people of all ages and genders. They touch the heart in the most welcomed way. The song really feels like poetry being put to music. Lyrics such as, “Time is such a funny thing, you turn around and it’s gone” touched our hearts and had us still thinking about it long after the music had stopped. That is an extremely brilliant skill to have as a songwriter and Ron Hamrick has it in abundance!

We must also mention the brilliant production to be heard on the release. From the mix to the production to the mastering, the song is further enhanced by the use of compression and reverb especially. Each instrument feels as though it has its own special place in the mix and is allowed to shine in its own way.

Reading about Hamrick is also a joy. He has a career which has spun decades and has played thousands of performances in the United States and also the United Kingdom. Quite rightly, he was inducted into Michigan’s Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2011. So whatever you are doing today, take some time out to feed your soul with the wonderful song ‘Time’ by the supremely talented Ron Hamrick.

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018

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