Gary Douglas Band – ‘Deep in the Water’

smgupkNASet to be released on 21st October 2018, “Deep in the Water” is the brilliant new release by the Gary Douglas Band. Comprised of Gary Douglas (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Jeremy Goldsmith (Electric Guitar), Nicolas Biello (Reeds and Keys), Dan Asher (Bass), Tom Curiano (Drums), Sebastien Ammann (Keys) and Jessica Antonette (Backing Vocals) the Gary Douglas Band are a bunch of extremely talented and well versed musicians. There is no doubt that ‘Deep in the Water’ is an album performed by musicians who are all at the top of their game. 

The Americana album opens with the track, ‘River Road’. It is a fun, upbeat song which has a country flair to it. The bass and drums drive the song along with well comprised hopeful lyrics and an uptempo feel. We really enjoyed the song, ‘Million Miles Away’, it has an attractive opening with a solo guitar and piano introduction. This is followed by alluring lyrics which have been phrased and performed wonderfully. ‘Wild Child’ is a song set to a 12 bar blues, with a harmonious harmonica and fitting piano. in truth, the entire album is filled with poetical words which have been well thought out and expressed beautifully.

We adored the song, ‘Devil in her Soul’ it is a departure from the style we have previously heard on the album. Certain elements of the song remind us of ‘Nick Cave’ which is always a good thing. From the drum pattern to the luscious Hammond organ, to the double-tracked vocals in different octaves, this song is a masterclass in song composition. The stirring reverb on the guitar is striking and is immediately ear-catching from the get-go.

Another of our favourite tracks is the final song, ‘Say What You Want’. The tune is extremely moving, it has a vulnerability to it and the delicate instrumentation echoes this. For the first time, we hear the vocals open the song, swiftly followed by the synths and guitar. Another highlight is the 2 slide guitars which are playing different melodies at the same time, panned to different sides of the production. This is extremely clever writing and has been executed well. The poetic nature of the lyrics shine again in this song, “I’m gonna rise up from loves ashes”, creates superb imagery for the listener. It is truly, a beautiful ending to a wonderful album.

So put the 21st October in your diaries and check out ‘Deep in the Water’ ASAP!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018

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