Junior Love – ‘Slow Down’ 

nebi_2018124812.jpg‘Slow Down’ is the brilliant new single to be released by New York native artist Junior Love. He is currently residing in Monroe, LA. It is a magnificent track which has a funky laid back vibe which will be stuck in your head all day in the most magnificent way!

‘Slow Down’ is a song which is about Love himself. He describes the song as, “An excited traveler, driving towards his quest for love. Seeking out the love of the person he met on the internet. He reminds himself to slow down, trying to be as realistic as possible. Try not to crash.” In 2018, we can all relate to this and could take advice from his wise words.

The single opens with a piano and Love’s luscious vocals which immediately draw the listeners’ ear in. This is followed by infectious claps and a funky bass which give a disco vibe. We adored the bridge, the majority of instrumentation cuts away and the vocals are left to shine on their own. This is followed by a catchy chorus which is filled with melodic and catchy vocals. There is a delay on the vocals on the outro of the piece which adds yet another layer of texture. Blissful.

From the composition to the musicianship, to the production, every element of ‘Slow Down’ is exquisite. Love’s vocals are extremely special, they have a deep depth of tone which is smooth and inviting and make for the shining star of the piece. The accompanying artwork is a brilliant representation of the song. It is clean, slick and reiterates the disco vibe.

Junior Love’s talent and ability are visible in abundance on this track. It is no surprise to know he is multitalented, he is also a mighty fine self-published poet. Given the extremely high standard of the lyrics on this single, we will be checking out his poetry too! Love has the ability to take a situation we can all relate to (in this case Love) and describes layers of complex emotions in an accessible way to listeners.

If you do one thing today, make sure it is checking out ‘Slow Down’ by Junior Love. It is destined to be a huge hit and we can promise, any music fan will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018





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