Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra – ‘And the Walls Have Ears’ Single

hgcdfkhjdelnlmme Hailing from Mankato, Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra are a jazz, blues, rock and world music fusion band who are pushing boundaries to create interesting and innovative music.

Their latest single, ‘And the Walls Have Ears’ has a Tango edge to it. It is an eccentric and unique song which is vibrant with luscious melodies and unexpected instrumentation. We fell in love with the single on the first listen and we are sure any music lover will do too. There is an ominous feel from the get-go and the vocals help the track to move masterfully along. Juxtaposed, the upbeat jazz feel is a welcoming and inviting sound.

We adore the catchy chorus to this single. It is a toe-tapping offering which features many different instruments. We loved the solos which appear in this single. We hear solos from a Violin, a Guitar, a Flute and a Banjo. This number of solos in one single is unusual but works extremely well. They are all melodically satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable.

It is hard to compare Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra to any specific artists. There are certainly influences from Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to be heard but make no mistake, Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra make a sound all of their own. They also remind us also of Anaïs Mitchel’s ‘Hadestown’. The collection of incredible musicians and construction of the single certainly has elements which are similar but ‘And the Walls Have Ears’ is its own entity entirely.

There is one thing which is for sure, Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra are all musicians who are at the top of their musical game. Masters of their respective crafts, they come together as a collective who have fresh ideas and a commitment to provide music of the highest class.

Taken from the concept album, ‘A Universe Parallel To Our Own’, ‘And the Walls Have Ears’ is a perfect representation of the album as a whole. It is thoroughly creative and a collection of magnificent artists who are at the top of their game. If you are looking for something unexpected this May day, make sure you check out this release. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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