Katrina Stuart – ‘Blue Roses’

Pop artist Katrina Stuart, released her brilliant single, ‘Blue Roses’ on 14th September 2019. Originally from Toronto, Canada, this dynamic musician is set for big success with this superb release.

‘Blue Roses’ opens to the sound of atmospheric synths. Stuart’s warm and intoxicating vocals soon engulf the audio landscape and demand the listener’s attention. The melodies are catchy and enticing, ascending and descending their way through the piece. The beat is driving which gives the track further life and the middle 8 takes us in a new direction before the addictive chorus kicks back in.

Stuart says, “‘Blue Roses’ is about being in a bad relationship where the dishonest person is trying to make up for it with meaningless gifts. The other person realises, “I just want to see in colour, I want love and we know it ain’t love”. These themes will resonate with many people and will be the key to Stuart’s impending success. 

Katrina Stuart flew to Sweden and collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Trevor Muzzy (who is known for his work with Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, to name a few) and Swedish songwriter Aleena Gibson (who has worked with Jason Derulo, Mr. Big, Nick Carter, S Club 7, plus many more!) Together, they have created a piece of art that is sure to stand the test of time and make Katrina Stuart a household name.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Stuart will be performing live at a release party in LA for ‘Blue Roses’ on September 28th along with the premiere of the “Blue Roses” music video. In the future, fans can look forward to two new singles, three new music videos, and an album from Stuart. The release dates will be announced soon. We can not wait to hear what will come next from this exciting new talent! 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/katstuartmusic

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/katrinastuartmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katrinastuartofficial/

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