Dunebug – ‘Dunebug’ EP

Dunebug – ‘Dunebug’ EP

The divine artist, Dunebug has just released her debut self titled EP. Hailing originally from Manchester, and now residing in London, Dunebug has created a piece of art filled with dreamy songs and catchy melodies. 

‘Change Your Mind’ opens the EP with dancing guitars and Dunebug’s scrumptious voice enchants the listener. Filled with warmth and rich tone, she instantly charms the listener. We enjoyed ‘Uninvited’ for its intriguing percussion opening and vocals swimming in gorgeous reverb and delay.

‘For You’ and ‘Dreaming of Saturn’ are both excellent compositions with stunning vocals performances and excellent backing instrumentation. The final song, ‘Baby It’s Over,’ is another dreamy song with seventh chords underneath, wonderful harmonies and a dancing bass. 

Dunebug says, “I like to write music that sounds like how I feel, my feelings of love, heartache, or melancholy should be reflected not only in the lyrics I write, but also the shape and colour of the music.” She continues, “I want people to feel the way I felt when I wrote those songs, or to be able to relate to them, which is a big part of being a songwriter to me.”

The honesty and relate-ability in the music is divine. Dunebug is able to convey emotions perfectly, and this EP is a beautiful representation of her work. Dunebug says, “Having recently moved to London, I am at a loss for words as to how big and brilliant this city is, but at the same time how terrifying it is to try and start from scratch here musically. Trying to get my music recognised here is going to be a challenge as opposed to my hometown in Manchester, but it’s something I’m desperate to push for.”

Dunebug is definitely an artist to look out for in 2020. We can not wait to hear what she will do next!

FVMusicBlog December 2019

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dunebuguk 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dunebugmusic

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