Chelsko – 'This Is War'

Chelsko – ‘This Is War’

‘This Is War’ is the brand new single from Chelsko. Released on Delma Jag Records, it is a hard-hitting and catchy single that intoxicates its listeners from the get-go. 

A stoic piano opens the piece with an atmospheric rain sound in the background. This gives a grounding feel to the single and instantly attracts the listener’s attention. There are synths in the background too, forming the foundations of the single. 

Once the luscious vocals appear, the piano plays the melody along with the vocals and the two duet beautifully. The drums drop, and the single is in its full flow. The chorus is catchy, and there is a Trapp feel in the percussion but make no mistake, ‘This Is War’ is pure dance-pop at it’s finest. 

For the second verse, the instrumentation pulls back giving the song room to breathe and then the single again evolves before the listener. We adored the vocal performance which masterfully guides the song along and ‘This Is War’ ends as it began, with the nature rain sound and gorgeous piano.

Born in Malibu, California, Chelsea Nellie Suga, AKA Chelsko is an artist who knows how to put emotion and heart into her work. ‘This Is War’ is a prime example of this. She has the ability to connect with the listener and engage with them effortlessly. 

Multitalented, Chelsko also has a degree in business and theatre. She is an actress, singer, songwriter and recording artist. Chelsko has appeared in ‘Revenge’, ‘Funny Or Die’, ‘Faking It’, ‘Family Dinner’, and ‘Expelled’. We feel that 2020 is going to be a big year for Chelsko, with a single as strong as ‘This Is War’, we can not wait to see what this exciting talent will do next. Make sure you check out ‘This Is War’ today!

FVMusicBlog January 2020

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