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The Brilliance – ‘Suite No. 2 World Keeps Spinning; An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’

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The Brilliance

The superb band, The Brilliance, are back with their unique and innovative album, ‘Suite No. 2 World Keeps Spinning; An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’. It is an excellent 11 track piece of work that is compelling and filled with character and charm from the opening song. 

We adored the tracks, ‘How Do We Know’, ‘Facebook’, and ‘World Keeps spinning’. They all have their own wit and charm shining through the compositions. This album reminds us of Panic! at the Disco’s 2005 first record, ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ in places. ‘Suite No. 2 World Keeps Spinning; An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’ is filled with ingenious melodies and takes the listener on unexpected twists and turns within the songs. The album needs to be listened to as a whole to be fully appreciated. 

‘Release Me’, ‘I Shall Not Fear’, and ‘Holding On’ all feature the Biola University Orchestra. These are special songs that are filled with amazing arrangements that work alongside the traditional band songs that they sit amongst. 


The Brilliance says, “‘Suite No. 2 World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’ is a classically-inspired concept album released as part two of a series of ‘Suites’ songs. The pieces are united by a theme that explores concepts such as modern anxiety and the search for acceptance and unity.”

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Comprised of band members, David Gungor, and John Arndt this duo know how to write a compelling album. In 2019, The Brilliance had over 3.2 million listeners and over 13.7 million streams of Spotify. They are a unique and creative duo who are writing exceptional music that needs to be heard. 

Make sure you check out ‘Suite No. 2 World Keeps Spinning; An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’ today!

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