About FVMusicBlog

Hi! I’m Kris, and I founded FVMusicBlog in 2017. 

Before I started the blog, I was a touring musician full time. 

In 2008 I completed a Music Composition and Professional Practice degree, and in the preceding nine years, I was a touring and recording artist.

I started my record label at 21, and I have always been a fully independent artist. ​​From there, my debut album was selected for the British Library Project, which archives significant new music. 

I won the LG Arena’s Singer/Songwriter competition and played before Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and John Mayer on separate nights in at the NEC Arena, Birmingham, UK. After the competition win, I was invited back to the LG Arena’s Forum live to play before Elton John, Paul Weller, George Michael & Roxette. 

I have supported many artists; some of these include, Ed Sheeran, Micheal Chapman, Scott Matthews, Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Mr Big, John Bramwell (I Am Kloot), Miles and Erica (Wonderstuff), Mark Morriss (Bluetones), Show of Hands, Nic Jones, Vin Garbutt, and Nerina Pallot.

And a career highlight was recording a live EP at the Historic Troubadour, Earls Court, London. What a magical venue with such a rich history. 

But then…

My health took a downward turn. 

I discovered I have a condition that affects my heart and can only be managed. 

I couldn’t tour anymore. My writing suffered. New music dried up. 

I still loved music, but I didn’t have the physical energy to go to rehearsals, play gigs, or earn enough money to survive. 

I felt like giving up. 

I knew I had to challenge my energy in a new direction. 

It struck me that over so many years of touring, that are so many amazing DIY musicians out there. 

Working hard to get their music heard and find a break take their career to the next level.

So much awesome music seems to die a lonely death and never gets the recognition it deserves. 

Artists lose heart and give up on their dreams when the pressures of keeping a career going alongside making a living.



With over 60,000 tracks uploaded to Spotify every day, it is hard to stand out and build a sustainable career that pays well and doesn’t allow the artists to get ripped off.

But there are so many new and exciting tools and websites at indie artists’ disposal today.

So I set about writing the Music Release Blueprint.

I have spent years researching the best ways to help DIY artists stand out from the crowd and get the recognition their talent deserves.

It is a step by step guide to releasing music that creates a solid foundation for artists to use again and again for every new music release that allows them to grow their careers and create a sustainable income.

You should be seeing your fan numbers and streams grow after every release.

The Music Release Blueprint teaches you how to achieve that quickly and efficiently.

Real, sustainable growth is achievable once you have put solid foundations in place.

Let me help you to get started today!