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If you’re reading this, most likely you’re trying to build a music career … one that hopefully is your main income… and lets you create a life that you’ve only dreamed of. 


Hi, I’m Kris, 

I’m a DIY musician who started with no manager, no record label and no contacts … and went on to play before Elton John, George Michael, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran and Many More! 

Let me tell you how I did it …

I’m from a one-income family and went to a regular school where I didn’t excel at much … apart from music. 

I lived and breathed music, and I knew that was my ticket to experience life. 

But I didn’t know how I was going to get there. 

I started playing in bars, going to open mics, and getting booked for gigs.

I never had any backing; no manager, no record label, no booking agent, and no PR company behind me. 

I did everything myself. 

Being a completely DIY and a fiercely independent artist, I quickly hit a glass ceiling and didn’t know how to break through to the next level. 

I wasn’t making enough money to live and fund making music as well. 

I was living at my parent’s house, and the big dreams I had were not coming true. 

I was releasing music, and it would do ok at gaining attention in the week around the release, but then that was it. 

All went silent. I felt like quitting and getting a supermarket day job.

But that’s not where my heart was, and you always have to follow your heart.

So, I formulated a ‘system’ that I could use over and over again to build my audience, generate streams and build a sustainable music career for myself. 

This propelled my music to the next level, taking my career to places I had never been before. 

I researched and learnt quickly, putting together a bulletproof strategy for success. 

Because of these things, I started to get bigger shows; I toured the country for four years straight, making real money from music, and living the life I desired.

I played at the LG Arena before Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, John Mayer, Elton John, Paul Weller, George Michael and Roxette.

Dreams came true. 

I did support slots for artists such as Ed Sheeran, Micheal Chapman, Scott Matthews, Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Mr Big, I Am Kloot’s John Bramwell, Miles and Erica (Wonderstuff), Mark Morriss (Bluetones), Show of Hands, Nic Jones, Vin Garbutt, Nerina Pallot and so many more. 

Today, I have a beautiful daughter who I want to be at home for. I run a music blog and still love going to work every single day. 

This ‘System’ allowed me to live my dreams, and now I want the same for you. 

It took me years to perfect, but now I have it ready to share with you.

It was that first album failure that made me realise something …

Not all musicians get the opportunity to have the music career their talents deserve. And that breaks my heart. 

So, I made a promise to myself; that I would do whatever I could to help out other DIY musicians to be the best musician, they can be. I want to help you get your music out to the world. 

I started breaking down the ‘system’ that I used to save time and stop wasting money on eye-watering, expensive music PR.

Today, I’m excited to announce that the ‘system’ is up and ready for release. Now I’m sharing it with you because I believe you can do it. 

I want you to excel in your genre and be the most successful musician in your field.

I can’t wait to help you get started.