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Alexander Joseph/Rokuro - 'Firefly'
Alexander Joseph/Rokuro – ‘Firefly’

Alexander Joseph/Rokuro – ‘Firefly’

‘Firefly’ is the brilliant collaboration between singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph and producer/DJ Rokuro. Released officially today, 18th February 2022, ‘Firefly’ needs to be added to your weekend playlist!

An upbeat opening greets the listener. The beat lays the solid foundations of the single, and it feels like the song’s heartbeat. Next, Alexander Joseph’s vocals enter, reminding us of Dan Smith (Bastille). He masterfully takes the song’s lead and carries the audience with him.

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We love the vibe of the single, which instantly grabs the audience’s attention and holds it effortlessly. Furthermore, the addition of the acoustic guitar in the song’s chorus adds a new texture to the piece. We enjoyed the hook in the chorus. Each time it came back around, it felt like an old friend returning.

There are lots of subtle instrumentation in the background of the single. These additions are integral to the song but are not obtrusive. We love the mix, production and master of ‘Firefly’. The instrumentation is complex and layered, and everything has its own space to shine.

In addition, the lyrics to ‘Firefly’ are relatable, upbeat and uplifting. Alexander Joseph knows how to connect with his audience, which is a big part of his charm.

Alexander Joseph/DJ Rokuro

We are so excited to see that ‘Firefly’ is the first of multiple collaborations between Alexander Joseph and DJ Rokuro. After hearing this superb single, we can not wait to hear what the duo will do next. Follow their socials to be the first to hear about new releases.

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One thing is for sure; Alexander Joseph is an artist who is on the up. ‘Firefly’ is a magnificent single that sets Joseph apart from the crowd, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next. Until then, ‘Firefly’ is available to stream from the link below. Enjoy!

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