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Axus Bliss

Axus Bliss – ‘Live Once Die Twice’

Hailing from Richmond, Axus Bliss is a band that you need to know about this February. Their album ‘Live Once Die Twice’ is a brilliant heavy-metal release that needs to be heard this Winter. 

‘Fallen Inside’ opens the release to an intriguing beginning that draws the listener in. We adore the mysterious vocals and punchy percussion that soon evolves into a full-band masterpiece. 

In addition, ‘Cartel Love Affair’ is a stand-out track. We adore the charming, charismatic vocals, relatable lyrics and memorable melodies that stay with the listener long after the music has ended. 

Moreover, ‘Repetitions’ is engaging from the get-go. The instrumentation is textured and has been intelligently arranged. Finally, ‘Under Standing Still’ closes the release with a formidable groove, stunning musicianship and charming vocals. 

Interestingly, ‘Live Once Die Twice’ was recorded in rented storage. As a result, there is a raw, addictive quality to the production that shines through and adds a natural texture to the album.

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Axus Bliss say about making the EP, “An acoustic lead in the song ‘Cartel love Affair’ was a new flavour we added to a full metal recording.” They continue, “But keeping a solid groove was key.” Objective achieved!


Axus Bliss cites their influences as coming from 80s rock and metal to early 70s Sabbath and today’s rock/metal progressions. They are a band that stands out from the crowd, and  ‘Live Once Die Twice’ is a release that needs to be heard!


Previously, Axus Bliss opened for the brilliant band Megadeth. We are confident that 2023 is going to be a significant year for them, and the release of ‘Live Once Die Twice’ is a sign of the awesome music that they have to come. 

So add Live Once Die Twice’ to your new music playlist this week!

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