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Bekim! – ‘Close Your Eyes’

The superb producer Bekim! has released the excellent single ‘Close Your Eyes’, in March 2022. It is a contemporary-pop release that is filled with heart.

A piano opens the release accompanied by staccato percussion. As the soulful vocals enter, the track is in full flow. We love the kick drum, which feels like the heartbeat of the song. It is a constant in the piece from which the other instrumentation grows from.

The layered vocal creates a vivid colour within the single. In addition, the chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended.

The key change towards the end of the song keeps the piece feeling fresh. Bekim! knows how to keep the audience on their toes!

We have been blown away with the mix, production and master of ‘Close Your Eyes’. Bekim! has created a warm and inviting sound that welcomes the audience in and holds their attention effortlessly.


Bekim! describes ‘Close Your Eyes’ as, “A positive vibe about being in love and cherishing it.” He says about music, “If you hold on to your dream, you will eventually make it. Just don’t give up.”

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Bekim! cites his influences as coming from artists such as Jodeci, Lemar, and Beverley Knight. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Close Your Eyes’ but make no mistake, Bekim! is making music all of his own. In addition, he is a producer who stands shoulder to shoulder with any of these artists.


So make sure you add ‘Close Your Eyes’ to your playlist this weekend. Bekim! is a producer of the highest calibre, and we highly anticipate what he will do next.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is available to stream now from the link below; enjoy!

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