‘Greenbah’ – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

‘Greenbah’ – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders ‘Greenbah’ is the latest release by Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders. The album mixes together different genres, predominately Rock and Country in a very sonically pleasing bundle. ‘Little Johnny’ and ‘Only One’ are personal favourite as they are a  juxtaposition of the different ends of the […]

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien Go-Go Sapien are a psych-pop band hailing from Melbourne. Their new album ‘Love in Other Dimensions’ is a fusion of brilliant pop, musicianship and joy. The album takes you on a sonic journey of fast paced, fun and wonderfully bizarre musical creations. It is honest and innovative in […]

‘Runaway’ – Xavier Toscano

‘Runaway’ – Xavier Toscano Xavier Toscano describes his music as ‘Pop music that makes you feel good!’ I agree with this whole heartedly. ‘Runaway’ feels like a euro pop tune. It has dance elements and a hook of a chorus that will have you singing it all day. The heartbeat of the song is in […]

‘Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)’ – Jared Wesley

‘Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)’ – Jared Wesley Jared Wesley is a Hip-Hop artist from Atlanta, GA. ‘Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)’ is a clever, unique and unforgettable. The track opens sparsely with vocals full of delay and suspense until, the boom bap kicks in. The track flows brilliantly and all of the many elements sound effortless. Wesley is […]

‘They Don’t Care about Us’ – Ahmen

‘They Don’t Care about Us’ – Ahmen Ahmen is a musician based in the United States. Originally from Sri Lanka, he is primarily categorised as a  Hip Hop artist but I believe, he is much more. ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ kicks in with the chorus being sung by Ahmen to a scarce clapping accompaniment. […]

‘Foreplay’ – Ray William Roldan

‘Foreplay’ – Ray William Roldan Ray William Roldan is a musician based in Topanga, Ca. Roldan’s music fits into the Americana and Roots genre perfectly with hints of country thrown in for good measure. ‘Foreplay’ is a melchoncholy track, performed beautifully with a sparse accompanying arrangement. The rhythm guitar feels like a workhorse, down trodden […]

Rev Peter Unger – ‘Sounds of Christmas’

Rev Peter Unger – ‘Sounds of Christmas’ It may only be October but it is never too early to review a Christmas Song, especially one like this. Rev Peter Unger has produced an acoustic track of a Christmas song which is traditional in nature. Many Christmas songs forget about the origins of Christmas but Rev […]

‘HYSTERIA’ – Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

‘HYSTERIA’ – Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius are a 4 piece progressive rock, jazz fusion, and funkabilly band hailing from New York. They are made up of Joe Deninzon (electric violin/lead/vocals/mandolin), Aurelien Budynek (guitar/backup vocals), Jamie bishop (bass/backup vocals) and Lucianna Padmor (drums). Their cover of Muse’s ‘Hysteria’ from their upcoming album, […]

‘I Guess’ EP – By Beau

‘I Guess’ EP – By Beau Beau describe themselves as a ‘3 piece Post-Hardcore/MathPop group from Las Vegas’. I think they are much more than that. Their latest Ep ‘I Guess’ is a masterpiece of craftsmanship in the genre. The whole EP screams energy, from the start to the end. The intensity and passion in […]

Shauna Burns – “Scarborough Fair”

Shauna Burns – “Scarborough Fair” Released 6th October 2017 Shauna Burns is musician based in mountains just outside of Salt Lake City. Her cover of “Scarborough Fair” is a new twist on a classic cover. The beautiful Piano arrangement at the beginning is very reminiscent of Tori Amos, the style being gentle and delicate yet, […]