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Blunt Blade - Aaron Ruppert
Blunt Blade – Aaron Ruppert

Blunt Blade – ‘Blunt Blade’

Winona-based musician Blunt Blade released the stunning self-titled album, ‘Blunt Blade’, in September 2022. It is an alternative-rock release that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘Tension’ opens the release to a staccato and attention-demanding beginning. We adore the evolution of the track, which builds in layers and draws the audience in effortlessly.

‘Coarse Reaction’ is a stand-out song with punchy production, big guitars and addictive melodies. The stunning synths ring out and create a vivid colour in the piece.

In addition, ‘Outsider’ takes the release in a fresh direction with a dance vibe and a hard-hitting beat. The charismatic vocals ring out, and the intriguing lyrics add further layers of intrigue to the piece.

Also, ‘Trapped’ is a punchy piece with complex melodies, perfectly mixed instrumentation and a brooding vibe. Finally, ‘The End’ closes the release beautifully!


Blunt Blade says about the album, “The album contains complex vocal arrangements and instrumentation that never lose a melodic base.”

He continues, “While the album is not conceptual in the traditional sense, there are common lyrical themes throughout of pain, empathy and hope. Musically it has themes that vary from moody to joyous, even within individual tracks.”


Blunt Blade cites his influences as coming from artists such as Radiohead, Miles Davis, Tame Impala, Talking Heads, Metric, Soundgarden, Tool, Phish, Dream Theater, Muse, Frank Zappa, and Blond Redhead. We can hear some of these muses coming through on the album but make no mistake; Blunt Blade is making music all of his own.


‘Blunt Blade’ was recorded in Winona, MN and produced by Aaron Ruppert at Sharpening Stone Records. Moreover, Eric Oehler has superbly mixed and mastered it at Submersible Studios in Madison, WI. Together the team have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time.

So make sure you add ‘Blunt Blade’ to your new music playlist this week; you will not be disappointed!

In addition, we were lucky enough to catch up with this super artist for a full and in-depth interview; you can read it here.

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