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Brig Aurora - Declan Bado
Brig Aurora – Declan Bado

Brig Aurora – ‘Brig Aurora’

‘Brig Aurora’ is a must-hear release this Spring 2022. It is the debut, self-titled album from a superb Delaware-based band.

‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ opens the release to a warm and inviting electric guitar before the stoic backing instrumentation kicks in. They lay a solid foundation for the gorgeous and layered vocals to take the lead. The single changes direction, getting heavier, a singing guitar solo breaks through, and Brig Aurora effortlessly keeps the listener on their toes!

‘Half The Time’ is an acoustic stand out track featuring welcoming vocals and sublime harmonies. ‘Too Late’ is another brilliant song. It is an intelligently composed and arranged track with unexpected chordal progressions and melodic bass.

‘Everyone Grows’ is a song that evolves before the listener. It is a simply mesmerising and captivating song. Finally, ‘Nowhere’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!


Brig Aurora says about the release, “Brig Aurora paints a sonic landscape reminiscent of the analogue-age while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of rock, folk, and psychedelic music.” The warm production shines through and it makes for an addictive listen!

Band Members

Brig Aurora comprises of band members Jameson May, Ryan Mikles, Chris Roethel, and Kody Diduch. They are excellent musicians who know each other’s playing styles inside out. This makes for a tight and cohesive band that will capture your heart.

Guitars at zZounds


Brig Aurora cites their influences as coming from artists such as Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Beatles, Radiohead, and Death Cab for Cutie. Brig Aurora stands shoulder to shoulder with any of these bands and makes music that needs to be heard!

Paul Janocha

Paul Janocha has mixed half of the album at Ken-Del Studios, and Chris Roethel has mixed the other half. Together, the team has created a fantastic piece of current and intoxicating work.

So make sure you add ‘Brig Aurora’ to your playlist this week. Their debut release has a warm and inviting sound that needs your attention! We very much look forward to hearing what this superb band will do next.

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