Hailing from Richmond, VA, musician BRYANNA RAIN has released the excellent album, ‘PETRICHOR’. It is an electronic-pop release that needs to be on your new music playlist this week.

‘TRAVELOGUE’ opens the release with staccato and punchy instrumentation that sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. Next, ‘ARCADES, AEROPLANES’ demands the listener’s attention with a beautiful beat and magnetic melodies. We adore the intriguing lyrics that draw the audience in.

In addition, ‘PANDEMICA’ takes the album in a new direction with a trance beat, compelling samples and brilliant production. Moreover, ‘STRING THEORY’ is an intelligently composed track that injects the sonic spectrum with luscious colour. The lyrics are intriguing, and the gorgeous synths stay with the audience long after the music has ended.

‘PHOSPHENE, DANCING’ is a stand-out song that features layered vocals that have been carefully arranged. In addition, one of the closing tracks, ‘DUCKS’, is a unique and compelling song that will have you reaching for the repeat button.


Previously in 2022, BRYANNA RAIN released the wonderful album ‘Episodes’. ‘Pilot’ opens the release and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. ‘Blaming Eternia’ is a standout song with a driving beat, inviting melodies and BRYANNA RAIN’s stunning vocal performances.

In addition, ‘Phosphene, Dreaming’ takes the album in a fresh direction keeping the listener on their toes. Moreover, ‘The Dirge’ features an industrial feel, intriguing lyrics and an inviting vibe.

‘GhostBaby (Vanishing)’ has compelling spoken word pieces and a stoic beat. Finally, ‘Sure Shot’ closes the release, and leaves the listener wanting more!

There will be a reissuing of these two albums on CD, keep an eye on Bryanna’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news!

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We are so excited to have discovered BRYANNA RAIN and these two albums need to be heard! She is an exquisite talent who is innovative and forward-thinking. BRYANNA RAIN is making music that pushes the boundaries of electronic pop and leads the genre forward into 2023.

Formidable Artist

So make sure you make a note of the name BRYANNA RAIN, this may be the first time that you have heard it, but we are confident that it will not be the last. She is a formidable artist who is destined for big things, and we can not wait to hear what will come next.

Until then, ‘PETRICHOR’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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