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Steve Johannsen
Steve Johannsen

Cassie Jean and the Fireflies – ‘Heart Over Head’

Hailing from Florida, Cassie Jean and the Fireflies released the superb album ‘Heart Over Head’ in March 2022. It is a spellbinding Americana release filled with heart and soul.

‘Mrs. Mavis’ opens the release and sets the scene for what is to come. We adore the upbeat nature and addictive melodies that fill the sonic spectrum.

‘Tomorrow’ is a standout song with layered instrumentation and captivating vocals; it is thoroughly addictive. In addition, ‘Turn the Page’ has gorgeously arranged strings and poetical storytelling vocals at its heart.

‘Long Way Round’ is a laid back track with memorable melodies and backing instrumentation that fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. Finally, ‘Grammy’s Chicken Soup’ has a sumptuous groove that leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.

Cassie Jean Barbaresi and Rich Odato

Cassie Jean Barbaresi and Rich Odato are the songwriting duo at the helm of Cassie Jean and the Fireflies. Together they are creating music that is innovative and compelling.

Body of Work

‘Heart Over Head’ is one of the main reasons we hope the album never dies. It is a full body of work that takes the listener on a journey, and it needs to be heard in its entirety to be fully appreciated.

Guitars at zZounds


‘Heart Over Head’ has been masterfully produced and engineered by Grammy winner Bud Snyder. In addition, it features Nashville legend Joe Spivey on fiddle and mandolin, Grammy winner Phil Wolfe on B3, session and symphony bassist John Miller on upright and electric, and YouTube star Sammy ‘Barefoot’ Warren on drums. Together the team have created an album that is engaging and memorable.

So make sure you add ‘Heart Over Head’ to your new music playlist this week. This is the first album from this dynamic duo, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next!

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