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Catastrophe & Cure
Catastrophe & Cure

Catastrophe & Cure – ‘Cracks In The Pavement’ (feat. Katrin Paucz)

Catastrophe & Cure have teamed up with the superb powerhouse vocals of Katrin Paucz on their latest single, ‘Cracks In The Pavement’. It is an indie-pop release with a lot of heart.

A bright and welcoming indie band sound opens the single. The upbeat nature of the song is instantly infectious. As the lyrics enter, it is clear the positive nature of the music is juxtaposed to the bleaker lyrics. This immediately adds layers of intrigue into the single.

We adore the vocal performances, which complement each other perfectly. Paucz’s vocals are filled with soul and a luscious texture, making an already great single shine brighter.

The rise and flow in the composition of the single are brilliant. The listener is taken on a journey of highs and lows. ‘Cracks In The Pavement’ is an intelligently composed song that needs to be heard.

In addition, the backing instrumentation is layered, well mixed, and produced. Each part of the intricate instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright.


The band say about the release, “Lyrically, ‘Cracks in the Pavement’ is a song about growing older and feeling stuck. Nevertheless, it is also a song that doesn’t leave you void of any hope, but with the possibility of a new beginning.”


Catastrophe & Cure are a Vienna-based band who have been making top quality music for almost a decade. They are musicians who know each other’s playing styles inside out, and this professionalism shines through on ‘Cracks In The Pavement’.

I’m sorry to say I am late to the game in discovering Catastrophe & Cure’s music, but I can’t wait to dive into their back catalogue this weekend!

‘Cracks In The Pavement’ is available to stream from the link below. Make sure you add it to your weekend playlist; you will not be disappointed!

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