‘All This Time’ – Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther

Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther is a singer/songwriter based in Norway. We have had the pleasure to review his latest single ‘All This Time’ and we must say – it is a fantastic reintroduction to this seasoned artist! ‘All This time’ is pop in nature with a beautiful and soulful vocal performance accompanied by lyrics layered with … More ‘All This Time’ – Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther

Elite Fitrea – ‘Dedication’ Single Review

*Read Disclosure Here Elite Fitrea Elite Fitrea are a Post-Industrial Rock band from Denver, Colorado. They have released their beautifully haunting single ‘Dedication’ in 2018 with a the B side track ‘The Arsonist’. Fronted By Bryan Day (originally from the rural town of Baden, Germany), the band were formed while Day was incarcerated between 2009-2015. He … More Elite Fitrea – ‘Dedication’ Single Review

Happy Curmudgeons – ‘Meant 2 Be’

The Happy Curmudgeons are a fantastic collection of studio musicians organised by Dave Hamilton. Their style is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones but with their own unique twist. The band are comprised of: Dave Hamilton (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars) Jeff Warner (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin) Amy Dixon-Lavery … More Happy Curmudgeons – ‘Meant 2 Be’

‘The Letting Go’ – Duet Natalie Jean and Levi Moore

‘The Letting Go’ is a powerful song about letting go of the past and moving forward with love. It is an emotive subject that everyone can relate to in some way, shape or form and this is what makes it an excellent single. The song starts with a sparse piano and guitar intro which sets … More ‘The Letting Go’ – Duet Natalie Jean and Levi Moore

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien Go-Go Sapien are a psych-pop band hailing from Melbourne. Their new album ‘Love in Other Dimensions’ is a fusion of brilliant pop, musicianship and joy. The album takes you on a sonic journey of fast paced, fun and wonderfully bizarre musical creations. It is honest and innovative in … More ‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien