D3LTA – ‘Strange’ Single Out Now!

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D3LTA – ‘Strange’

D3LTA – ‘Strange’

Hailing from Greece, musician D3LTA has released the fantastic single ‘Strange’ in February 2022. It is an indie-rock release that needs to be heard!

‘Strange’ opens to a solo electric guitar before an acoustic guitar and percussion fill the sonic spectrum. D3LTA’s gorgeous vocal reminds us of David Bowie, and they masterfully take the reins of the song.

Guitars at zZounds

As the chorus kicks in, we love the main melody that is upbeat and memorable. The backing instrumentation is textured and adds layers of colour to the piece.

In addition, the mix, production and master of ‘Strange’ are superb. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix. D3LTA is an innovating artist destined to make waves with this magnificent single.


There is also a video that accompanies the release. It offers the perfect visual accompaniment to the music, and it gives fans a new dimension to view ‘Strange’ through.

D3LTA – ‘Strange’


D3LTA says about the release, “With Strange, I really wanted to communicate the positive ways I was affected by a particular relationship, despite it having ended.”

He continues, “The music, and the video, chart the story of acceptance and the relief brought about by accepting uniqueness and individuality, both in yourself and in others. I hope that it just uplifts listeners the way that it does me and helps them embrace the Strange.”

Solo Artist

Previously, D3LTA was a member of the band Black and Blue. Since becoming a solo artist, he has gone from strength to strength, earning critical acclaim and a nomination for Best New Artist at the Greek Mad Awards.

So make sure you add ‘Strange’ to your new music playlist this weekend. D3LTA is a talented and versatile artist making music that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

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