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Deep C Divers – ‘Forgiveness’

‘Forgiveness’ is the catchy latest release from the Deep C Divers. This Boston-based alternative rock band are set to win many new fans with this brilliant single, and we believe 2020 is going to be a big year for them.

A piano with a melancholic vibe opens the piece swiftly followed by Bowieesk vocals. The exciting and relatable lyrics instantly connect with the listener. We love the unpredictable chord changes that keep the song feeling fresh. 

The bass enters, followed by the drums and violin which takes the lead before underpinning the vocals. Double tracked vocals give the piece weight, and the backing vocals widen the sonic landscape. The single comes full circle ending on a solo piano as it began. 

Comprised of members; Paul Erlich – Lead Guitar, Gregg Marcus – Bass, John Bordage – Drums, and Deep C – Voice, Rhythm guitar, together they make a big sound. This four-piece sound more like an eight-piece on the single. We love the passion and love for music that they have; it comes through loud and clear on ‘Forgiveness’.

Lead singer Deep draws his inspiration from his career as a longtime social worker. In his day job, Deep helps youth with and without disabilities to discover their hidden potential, and in turn, tries to find meaning in his own everyday life.

Deep C Divers have a wide range of influences with each player citing their specific muses. It is this broad range of musical knowledge that makes Deep C Divers such a unique band. 

We are so pleased to have heard this single and be able to help spread the word. We can not wait to listen to what Deep C Divers will do next! 

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