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Dj Overture
Dj Overture

Dj Overture – ‘Colors’

Hailing from Milford, musician Dj Overture has released the stunning lofi-pop album ‘Colors’. It is a concept album that needs to be on your new music playlist this week.

‘Red’ opens the album to a captivating beginning. We adore the stunning instrumentation that instantly injects the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. Also, the laid-back beat is the stoic backbone of the piece.

‘Yellow’ has a dreamy feel from the get-go. As the piece evolves, the audience is taken on a journey, and the melodic bass is thoroughly memorable.

In addition, ‘Purple’ is a textured track with intriguing melodies and a brilliant rhythm section. ‘Finally’, Indigo closes the release and takes the piece in a fresh direction. ‘Colors’ is an album that needs to be heard!


Dj Overture says about the release, “‘Colors’ is an album I made based off of how I felt the songs sounded. For example, the first track is called ‘Red’ because it has a bit more aggressive tones.” He continues, “‘Colors’ is the musical feeling of different emotions and stories. All seven different colors of the rainbow correspond to a song on the album.”


We have been blown away by ‘Colors’. This seven-track release takes the listener on a journey and firmly sets Dj Overture as an artist who is leading the lofi-pop genre forward in 2022.

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New Fans

One thing is for sure, Dj Overture has new fans in us. We are positive that ‘Colors’ will please existing Dj Overture fans while simultaneously winning him an army of new ones too! He is a thoughtful and talented artist who is making music that needs to be heard. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do in 2023!

Until then, ‘Colors’ is available to stream today from the link below. We can not recommend it highly enough!

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