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Feralman - Antelope Media
Feralman – Antelope Media

Feralman – ‘Golden Canary’

Hailing from Cardiff, musician Feralman has released the magnificent single ‘Golden Canary’ in March 2022. It is an Americana release filled with a lot of heart.

A gorgeous acoustic guitar opens the piece before layers of instrumentation fill the sonic spectrum. We adore the complex and layered vocals that fill the single with beautiful harmonies and vivid colour.

The string arrangement weaves its way in and out of the single, knowing when to pull back and when to move to the forefront of the mix. In addition, the percussion adds texture and deeper interest to the piece.

There is a beautiful chanting section to the song, followed by an acoustic guitar solo. This is an unexpected and refreshing twist to the single, keeping the listener on their toes. One thing is for sure, Feralman is an intelligent composer and arranger.


Feralman says about the release, “This song is about what happens if you don’t, and let life slip you by.” He continues, “We only get one; I wish more people would act on their dreams, however ambitious or unrealistic they may seem.”

Two Versions

There are two versions of this single, the first is a radio edit, and the second is the full 7 minutes and 43 seconds complete release. We thoroughly recommend checking out the more extended version below; it is a single that takes the listener on a journey and needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

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We are thrilled to see that Feralman has a full album due for release. Entitled ‘Allegories’, it features inspirational songs told as metaphorical stories. After hearing ‘Golden Canary’, we can not wait for the complete album to drop!


It is not every day that you discover such a high calibre single as ‘Golden Canary’. Feralman is a troubadour who is on the top of his game, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next.

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