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Heather Youmans
Heather Youmans

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Heather Youmans – ‘Shine’

Los Angeles-based musician Heather Youmans has released the phenomenal single ‘Shine’, in September 2020. It is a singer-songwriter/pop release with an upbeat and positive message that we all need to hear!

A staccato bass and stoic drums open the release. They lay the solid foundation for Youmans’s emotive vocals to enter. The melody is memorable and instantly entices the listener. 

We adore the chorus, which is catchy and fully engages the audience. Its appealing nature will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Shine’ evolves before the listener and takes us on a wonderful journey.

Youmans says about the release, “I wrote the song as a love letter to my younger self and everything ‘me now’ would tell ‘me then’. (You are beautiful, you are strong. Hold your head up, and honey let your hair down sometimes).” 

She continues, “I want this song to be an anthem for not just millennial women like myself, but ladies everywhere. Life’s hard right now, and I just hope this song gives everyone a much-needed dose of optimism and happiness.” Heather, you have achieved your objective!

In addition, we have added ‘Shine’ to our FVMusicBlog playlist. It truly is a single which needs to be heard, and we thoroughly recommend checking it out. 

Previous Achievements

Youmans is a singer-songwriter, bassist and actress. She has previously been featured in Parade Magazine and the LA Times. She has also been played on Top 40 radio and in various movies. Heather Youmans is an exciting and progressive talent who needs to be heard. 

We are big fans of Heather Youmans; she is a talented and brilliant songwriter. We very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Until then, make sure to add ‘Shine’ to your weekday playlist!

Also, see the Forbes article about Yousmans too!

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