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Help For Musicians

It’s a tough time for Musicians at the moment but we are here to help. Check some of out Music Marketing ideas below. Building your online presence will all help when the would opens up and gigs and touring can happen again.

Writing a Press Release

It is vital when releasing a Single/EP/Album that you write a killer press release to accompany it. The Press Release should be sent to music bloggers, playlists, radio stations, record labels, the list goes on. We have put together a blog explaining what a Press Release is and how to write a killer one! Check it out here.

Grammarly Writing Support

Social Media

The power of social media is not to be underestimated. If you are looking at free ways to get promotion for your Music, social media is the perfect tool. There are no fast fixes to growing fans, but working at it solidly over time will build yourself an honest and organic fanbase that will increase as you do.

It is vital to make sure you have the same name on each of your pages. You are a brand and having the same @’s, hashtags and photo’s on your social media pages makes you easily identifiable across the board. Seeing a familiar photo when people are searching will make you stand out from the crowd as instantly recognisable.

Make sure all of your bases are covered, have up to date profiles on the stoic grandfathers of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the newbies, Tiktok, Snapchat and Caffeine and also, make sure you take advantage of SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp. All of these free tools will gain you new fans, and over time, the hard work will pay off.

Make sure you post regularly too (nobody likes to be left hanging), and reply to people who take the time to connect to you. They made an effort and connections are priceless! (nobody wants to be ghosted either!)

Mailing List

Having a mailing list and forming a communication for a group of people who can not wait to hear about what you will be doing next is invaluable to growing your brand! Start building it today; start now! It’s that important!

Post links on social media to your mailing list and make sure to collect email addresses from fans at shows too. Every email address can really add up, and by the time your next release is ready, you will already have a solid group of people who actively want to hear about it.

We recommend using Mailchimp. Their free plan lets you have all of the essentials that you need to get started. We are not an affiliate for them but believe they are an excellent way to push forward. Compile up to 2000 contacts, create surveys and landing pages and create a custom free domain.

FV Music Blog - Help For Musicians
FV Music Blog – Help For Musicians


Bands in Town is also an excellent resource for musicians. There are currently over 530,000 artists on Bandsintown which shows its popularity. It allows you to promote events, reach more fans, and sell more tickets. You can communicate with fans to engage your audience and collect RSVPs. Manage Multiple Artist Pages, and they have a Bandsintown chart which ranks of the top artists based on a formula blending tracker growth and fan engagement too.


We are not all gifted Graphic Designers, and PosterMyWall is great for promotion if you that’s the case. They offer hundreds of free templates to create poster artwork for your next gig or tour. Promotion and visuals are essential to promoting your next project. PosterMyWall offers professionally crafted, easy to customise, and many themes to choose from – all for Free! Again, we are not an affiliate for them, we think they are a super resource. So, make posters for your online gigs and help to spread the word!


There are so many great resources for artists to help them. We have put together just a few here that we believe can help and give you some ideas.

We also have our FREE Guide To Music PR – get your copy now!

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