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Horse Doctor - 'Sinking'
Horse Doctor

Horse Doctor – ‘Sinking’

Horse Doctor has released their brilliant single ‘Sinking’ in February. This alternative-rock release sets the band as ones to watch this Spring 2022.

A punchy opening greets the listener. It is instantly attention-grabbing, making the audience stand up and pay attention. Distorted guitars, drums, bass and enthralling vocals all fill the sonic spectrum and create layers of texture within the piece.

As the chorus hits, the song is in full flow. We adore the guitars, which have been mixed to either side of the sonic spectrum. They weave staccato and melodic elements of colour into the song.

Guitars at zZounds

We love the bridge, which features stripped back instrumentation that allows the emotional vocals to shine. Then, as the heavier instrumentation reenters, the listener is taken on a thrilling journey. It is a release that has been intelligently composed and arranged.


The band says about their music, “Horse Doctor banded together in Montreal to graze along the angular edge of Post-Punk and Emo.” They continue, “This degenerated naturally into a band of scavengers picking over the bones of guitar rock without nostalgia, only interested in finding the best meat.”

Band Members

Horse Doctor is comprised of band members Jake (guitar, vox), Arsenii (drums), Binh (guitar), and Liam (bass). It is clear that the band members are all excellent musicians separately, but when they come together, magic happens. They are four friends who are creating music that needs to be heard. They currently reside in four different cities, but even through a pandemic, they are making music together that will stand the test of time.


So make sure ‘Sinking’ is added to your playlist this weekend. Horse Doctor has new fans in us, and we are confident that many more listeners will follow suit.

‘Sinking’ is available now from the link below; enjoy!

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