Hot Picks The Best New Releases 25/3/22 – Part Two

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SCXTTY - Haley Gasparine
SCXTTY – Haley Gasparine

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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are put them all in one place for your listing pleasure!


Release: ‘Who Am I Without You’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Who Am I Without You’ is the stunning release from the outstanding artist JULIANDER. From an atmospheric opening, ‘Who Am I Without You’ evolves into a catchy and addictive song. We adore the layered instrumentation and warm production. JULIANDER is an artist who is destined for big things in 2022.

Artist: RALPHY 

Release: ‘Confess Unplugged’

Release Date: Out Now!

RALPHY is an artist that you need to hear about this Spring 2022. ‘Confess Unplugged’ is an acoustic single with relatable lyrics and a catchy hook. RALPHY is a troubadour who is making waves this March and we highly anticipate what she will do next!


Release: ‘The Garden Of Love’

Release Date: Out Now!

Israeli born artist TALLY KOREN has released the spellbinding single ‘The Garden Of Love’, in 2022. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, ‘The Garden Of Love’ is a release that reaches out and touches the listener, holding their attention effortlessly. Check it out below!

Artist: TEYETAN 

Release: ‘Close My Eyes’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Close My Eyes’ is the must-hear single from Louisville-based artist-TEYETAN. It is an electronic-pop release with a lot of heart. TEYETAN is a talented and driven artist who is making music that needs to be heard. We recommend adding ‘Close My Eyes’ to your weekend playlist!


Release: ‘Weekend Kiss’ Ft. Cecilia Lim 

Release Date: Out Now!

Brooklyn-based artist MARIO THE MOOD has released the brilliant single, ‘Weekend Kiss’. The stunning vocals are provided by Cecilia Lim and together the duo have released a spellbinding electronic-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button!

Guitars at zZounds


Release: ‘Crime Story’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Poland, the superb band SNAKEDOCTORS have released the alternative-rock single ‘Crime Story’ in 2022. It is an addictive release with layered guitars, punchy percussion and attention grabbing vocals. Check it out today!


Release: ‘Punchline / My Accident’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Punchline / My Accident’ is the double single from Exeter-based musician STEPHEN G. CLAYTON. ‘Punchline’ features intelligent arrangements, and ‘My Accident’ is a driving and addictive song. STEPHEN G. CLAYTON is an artist to watch in 2022.


Release: ‘The Long Way Home’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘The Long Way Home’ is the stunning release from THE OXFORD DRIVE BAND. From an atmospheric opening a compelling and relatable single breaks through. We adore the stunning vocals that are filled with soul. It is a personal song that will resonate with its audience. ‘The Long Way Home’ is a single you do not want to miss this March!

Keyboards at zZounds


Release: ‘Neon Bluebird’

Release Date: Out Now!

Filled with punchy production and addictive melodies, ‘Neon Bluebird’ is the brilliant single from ELIOT & SILVERHOOK. It is an electronic-pop single that reinvents 80’s vibes for 2022. We are so excited to have discovered this single and we can not recommend ELIOT & SILVERHOOK highly enough!

Artist: SCXTTY 

Release: ‘I Don’t Think You Love Me’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘I Don’t Think You Love Me’ is the superb release from SCXTTY. It is a heartfelt track with relatable lyrics, catchy hook and dreamy production. What an exciting artist SCXTTY is. We can not wait to hear what this formidable artist will do next!

Twitter: @scootybuks

Artist: MARTA PER 

Release: ‘Take A Deep Breath’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Take A Deep Breath’ is the magnificent debut single from London-based artist MARTA PER. It is a wonderful single with unexpected chordal progressions, gorgeous harmonies and staccato piano. MARTA PER is a talented and exciting artist who has an EP due for release in the Summer! We can not wait!

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