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Jesse Stone Creatchman
Jesse Stone Creatchman

Jesse Stone Creatchman – ‘Radio’s Dead’

Musician Jesse Stone Creatchman has released the excellent album ‘Radio’s Dead’ in January 2022. It is an Americana release with a lot of heart!

‘When She Hollers’ opens the release. A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar swims into the sonic spectrum before Creatchman’s heartfelt vocals take the listener’s attention. We love the full staccato band, which adds layers of texture to the piece.

‘East River’ is a stand out track. It features an unexpected arrangement keeping the listener on their toes. The harmonica and layered vocals add colour to the piece. We adore the lyrics, which are detailed and compelling. Creatchman is a true troubadour.

‘Honey Martin’ is a full band song from the get-go. We love Creatchman’s vocals which are filled with soul, and his lyrics are relatable, complete with catchy melodies.

‘Radio’s Dead’ has the rare element where each song could be a single in its own right. This is a testament to Jesse Stone Creatchman’s intelligent compositions.

Band Members

Creatchman has been joined by an array of brilliant musicians on this latest release. They include Jack Broadbent, Raymond James Mason, Jim Zeller, and Morgan Moore. The musicianship is of the utmost excellence on this record, and we hope there will be further collaborations in the future.

Guitars at zZounds

Seb Black

In addition, ‘Radio’s Dead’ has been masterfully produced by Jesse Stone Creatchman and Seb Black. Together, they have crafted an album that is a cohesive piece of art that will stand the test of time.

Talented Artist

So make sure that you check out ‘Radio’s Dead’ from the link below. Jesse Stone Creatchman is a talented and driven artist who will have significant success with this latest album. He has new fans in us!

We very much look forward to hearing what will come next from Creatchman. Until then, ‘Radio’s Dead’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy!

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Keyboards at zZounds

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