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Johari Turner – ‘Basquiat Dreams’

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, musician Johari Turner has released the superb album ‘Basquiat Dreams’. It is an alternative indie/R&B release that needs to be on your new music playlist this week!

‘Showtime’ opens the release with stunning vocal performances, intriguing instrumentation and relatable lyrics. It is instantly clear what a talented artist Turner is.

‘Ride Low’ is a stand-out song with swirling synths, charismatic vocals and intelligently composed backing instrumentation. Turner’s lyrics have been carefully composed, and he reaches out and touches the audience.

In addition, we enjoyed ‘Selfish’, which takes the album in a fresh direction, keeping the listener on their toes and fully engaged. Finally, ‘Elon Musk’ closes the release, and it is a song that will have you reaching for the repeat button!


Johari Turner says about the release, “The album was a culmination of the feeling of self-acceptance. I was struggling with that while I was making the album, and then afterwards, I came out a lot more knowing of who I am.”


Johari Turner cites his influences as coming from artists such as Outkast, Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, and Pharrell Williams, among others. One thing is for sure; Turner stands shoulder to shoulder with any of these artists!


‘Basquiat Dreams’ was mostly recorded by Johari Turner at his home studio, proving him to be a fantastic artist and a brilliant producer. He is a multi-talented artist who will go far.

At just 16 years old, Johari Turner is a very exciting talent. He is an artist and producer who is driving the genre forward in 2022, and we can not wait to hear his growth over what will be a significant career.

So make sure you listen to ‘Basquiat Dreams’ this week; the future of R&B is here.

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