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Heidi Ollie
Heidi Ollie

John Leslie Hulcombe – ‘Sanctuary’

Hailing from Australia, musician John Leslie Hulcombe has released the brilliant single ‘Sanctuary’ in March 2022. It is a dream-pop release that needs to be on your new music radar this week.

‘Sanctuary’ swims into the sonic spectrum. John Leslie Hulcombe’s soulful vocals enter and demand the listener’s attention. He is a storyteller who draws the audience to him. As a result, we find the lyrics relatable, and Hulcombe knows how to connect to his audience.

The backing instrumentation evolves as the single does. We adore the layered vocals, which inject vivid colour into the piece. In addition, the catchy chorus feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around.

‘Sanctuary’ is a gentle song with memorable melodies and gorgeous backing instrumentation. We are thrilled to have discovered John Leslie Hulcombe and really hope an album is on the cards!

Peter Koppes

Hulcombe has teamed up with fellow Australian Peter Koppes (The Church) on this magnificent release. Koppes adds unique guitar magic to the track, including orchestral and Gregorian chant effects. Together, the duo have created a single that leads the field in the dream-pop genre.

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John Leslie Hulcombe has received extensive independent radio play. His last single reached no.6 on the Radio Alliance UK charts and received playlisting on the BBC. ‘Sanctuary’ has also been included on the award-winning international radio program ‘Lopsided World of L’.


One thing is for sure; John Leslie Hulcombe is an artist who is here to stay. He is making music that is innovative and driving the genre forward. You can feel the love, heart, and soul he has put into ‘Sanctuary’, which makes for an enthralling single. Hulcombe is also a hardworking artist who, we feel, is only just getting started, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next.

Until then, ‘Sanctuary’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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