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John Skipp - Linda Rand, Susie Juntarakawe
John Skipp – Linda Rand, Susie Juntarakawe

John Skipp – ‘The Antidote To Fear’

Portland-based artist John Skipp has released the radiant album ‘The Antidote To Fear’, in March 2022. It is a genre-fusing release that you need to hear this week.

‘Don’t Run When the Devil Comes’ is instantly enticing from the get-go. Skipp’s voice reminds us of Nick Cave, and we were sold from the first few bars. We adore the luring lyrics, which draws the listener in and are instantly infectious. In addition, the main hook is catchy, and it stays with you after the music has ended.

‘Tragic’ is a standout song; the layered backing instrumentation provides the perfect foundation for Skipp’s charismatic vocal performance to shine. Likewise, ‘The Long Way Home’ features futuristic instrumentation from the beginning, and it evolves into a superb ten-minute sonic experience.

The title track closes the release in John Skipp’s unmistakable style. From the beautiful chordal progressions to addictive beats, it is a track that will have you reaching for the repeat button. John Skipp is a lyricist with a poet’s heart.


Skipp says about the release, “Between the book, the film, and the two albums, it’s a crystalized record of my soul’s experience. Like a school report on ‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation’, except the summer was Covid, and it was two years long.”

Guitars at zZounds

Rob Wrong/Tad Doyle

‘The Antidote To Fear’ was recorded by Skipp during the Pandemic. It has been superbly produced by Skipp and Rob Wrong (guitarist for Witch Mountain) at Wrong Way Recordings. Finally, the album was mastered by Tad Doyle. The team has created a piece of art that stands out from the crowd. It is an innovative and exciting album that will stand the test of time.

Multitalented Artist

John Skipp is a New York Times bestselling subversive horror novelist (THE LIGHT AT THE END) and filmmaker (TALES OF HALLOWEEN). He is a multitalented artist pushing boundaries, fusing genres and exhilarating the rock scene. He is unlike any artist we have come across lately, which sets him apart from the competition.

Skipp’s unique perspective is addictive and mind blowing. Check ‘The Antidote To Fear’ out today!

FVMusicBlog March 2022

Keyboards at zZounds

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