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Josh Gluck
Josh Gluck

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Josh Gluck – ‘Welcome Home’ EP

Florida based artist Josh Gluck has released the brilliant debut alternative-pop EP ‘Welcome Home’ in February 2022. 

‘Down No More’ opens the release to a laid back electric guitar. As the beat drops, Gluck’s intoxicating vocals breakthrough. His voice has a smooth tone, yet it has a gritty texture when needed. The complex melodies effortlessly emerge from Gluck’s silky tones and as the key change hits, the track is elevated to the next level. 

‘To The Light’ is a stand out track that hits the listener hard. Gluck paints a scenario that instantly puts the listener into his thoughts. Set to a catchy chorus, ‘To The Light’ will have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘Jaybird’ features a relaxed guitar opening which sets the scene for Gluck’s immediately recognisable vocals to shine through. Finally, ‘Home’ closes the release, leaving the listener wanting more. The superb chordal progressions are unexpected, and again, Gluck’s voice shines high. 

Gluck Comments

 ‘To The Light’ was written after a conversation with an Uber driver. Gluck says about the track, “My driver asked me eagerly if I believe that love still exists in the world today. Straight to the big questions, am I right? ‘To The Light’ transports you into the seat next to me, as my driver and I dig far deeper than I ever expected to in a 20-minute ride to Penn Station.”

Emerging Artist

Josh Gluck is an emerging artist who is destined to make big waves with his debut EP. ‘Welcome Home’ is a thoughtful collection of songs from an intelligent songwriter. 

Gluck has the ability to transport you into his world and show you his thoughts through vivid melodies and catchy hooks. He is an exciting artist who we can not wait to hear more from in 2022. 

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