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Kelsie Kimberlin – Cristian Florez

Kelsie Kimberlin – ‘Fruit Basket’

Hailing from Washington, DC, musician Kelsie Kimberlin has released the must-hear single ‘Fruit Basket’. It is a Latin-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this January 2023.

Gorgeous nylon-stringed guitars open the release before the beat drops, and Kelsie Kimberlin’s soulful and masterful vocals take the reins of the song.

We adore the stunning melodies that are bold and affecting. In addition, the chorus is memorable and fuelled by catchy rhythms that stay with the listener long after the music has ended.

Moreover, the lyrics are relatable and upbeat. We adore Kelsie Kimberlin’s unique and innovative style that needs to be heard! One thing is for sure; ‘Fruit Basket’ is a ray of sunshine in the cold January skies.

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Pedro Vengoechea/Cristian Flores

In addition, Kelsie Kimberlin worked with the excellent producer Pedro Vengoechea on the release. Also, a stunning video accompanies the single, which Cristian Flores has brilliantly produced. Together the team have created an incredible release that will stand the test of time and puts Kelsie Kimberlin as an artist on the rise in 2023.


Kelsie Kimberlin is a proud Ukrainian-American. Previously, she has released the singles ‘It’s Not The Time’, ‘What We Had’, and ‘Cosmopolitan Girl’. Kimberlin says about her music, “(She is) on a one-woman mission to spread light and love around the globe as her method of choice to combat the darkness of the war.” After hearing ‘Fruit Basket’, we can not wait to check out her back catalogue too.


We are thrilled to have discovered Kelsie Kimberlin; she is a formidable talent who makes exciting and dynamic music that reaches out and touches the listener. She is making Latin pop accessible to a new audience and has new fans in us!

‘Fruit Basket’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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