Kubota – ‘Zen’ EP Released February 2022

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Kubota - 'Zen' EP
Kubota – ‘Zen’ EP

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Kubota – ‘Zen’ EP

Hailing from LA, Kubota has released his superb indie-pop ‘Zen’ EP in February 2022. 

The seven-track EP takes the listener on a journey. ‘No Replacements’ opens the release to a gorgeous electric guitar which instantly draws the listener in. 

The dream-pop feel breaks through as the beat drops, and Kubota’s vocals shine through. He effortlessly switches between rapping and singing. In addition, the lyrics and melodies are thoroughly exhilarating to the listener.

‘You and Me’ carries the indie-pop feel through the EP. The main hook is memorable, and we adore how the song’s vibe shifts halfway through to a hip-hop feel. It has been cleverly produced, and the transition is effortless. 

‘Who I Am’ is a stand out track on the release. Lyrically it is deeply relatable, which is a big part of Kubota’s charm. He reaches out and makes the audience feel like he is talking directly to them.

The title track closes the EP. It leaves the listener feeling Zen. We love the water sound flowing through the beginning of the track before Kubota’s effortless vocals cut through. The layered vocals add vivid colours to the song, and it is a track that leaves the audience wanting more. 

Kubota Comments

Kubota says about the EP release, “I’ve placed my happiness before money and materialistic things, and while my life decisions might be questionable for others, I find this path to be the only path towards finding peace and true happiness.”

He continues,” ‘Zen’ EP is a collection of my experiences through introspection, self-growth, and the search for that happiness.”

Formidable Artist

One thing is for sure, Kubota is a formidable artist. ‘Zen’ has been superbly self-recorded and produced to make an EP that will stand the test of time.

We very much look forward to hearing what Kubota will do next; until then, ‘Zen’ is available from the link below. 

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