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Lee Switzer-Woolf - 'Scientific Automatic Palmistry'
Lee Switzer-Woolf – ‘Scientific Automatic Palmistry’

Lee Switzer-Woolf – ‘Scientific Automatic Palmistry’

‘Scientific Automatic Palmistry’ is the brilliant debut album by Reading-based artist, Lee Switzer-Woolf. It is an indie-folk release that needs to be heard this February 2022. 

‘Cold Coffee in the Marijuana Plant’ opens the album. It is immediately apparent that Switzer-Woolf’s poetic lyrics shine at the song’s forefront. His lyrics have been cleverly composed and instantly draw the listener in.

We enjoyed ‘The Negative Twin’; the layered instrumentation creates a solid foundation for the vocals to shine. ‘Holy Smoke’ is intriguing from the get-go. We love the driving instrumentation that is filled with interest and intrigue.

Guitars at zZounds

‘Concrete Feet First’ opens to a gentle acoustic guitar. Switzer-Woolf’s lyrics, again, shine through. It is a melancholic track that reaches out and touches the audience. Finally, ‘Skotograph’ closes the album and leaves the listener wanting more!

This superb album was recorded during the lockdown at the beginning of 2021. It is a collection of ten songs that have been carefully crafted and brilliantly executed.


Switzer-Woolf says about the release, “The aim was to capture the rawness of home recording (that personal essence we all love about listening to our favourite artist’s demos) but add elements such as simple folktronica style beats and some production polish.”

He continues, “The songs are lyric-focussed and introspective, dealing mainly with our relationships with ourselves and our personal history.”

Intelligent Songwriter

Lee Switzer-Woolf is an intelligent songwriter and wordsmith who has produced an album that stands out from the crowd. It is a compilation of songs that will stand the test of time and sets Switzer-Woolf as an artist to follow in 2022.

All Will Be Well Records

Released on All Will Be Well Records on 7th February 2022, ‘Scientific Automatic Palmistry’ is available now. So add it to your weekday playlist; you will not be disappointed!

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