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Marilyn Hucek

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Marilyn Hucek – ‘Infinity’ EP

New York City-based artist Marilyn Hucek has released her superb debut EP, ‘Infinity’ in April 2021. It is a brilliant electronic-pop release that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

‘Memories’ opens the release, and it immediately draws the listener in. Hucek’s emotional and charming vocals are apparent from the get-go and fill the track with luscious colour. The main melody is thoroughly addictive and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

We enjoyed ‘Vulnerable’, it is an acoustic track with unpredictable chordal progressions and an intelligent arrangement. Hucek effortlessly conveys emotion to her audience and allows us to feel less alone together. 

‘I’m Not Sorry’ features an addictive electronic-pop feel. Reminiscent of Lady Gaga, it is a song that needs to be heard! ‘Touch Me’ closes the release, and the EP leaves the listener wanting more! 

Marilyn Hucek says about the release, “It doesn’t matter when in life you decide to go after your dreams; it’s never too late.” This ethos is carried through the EP and is deeply inspiring. 

Artist To Watch

This six-track EP firmly sets Marilyn Hucek as an artist to watch this 2021. She is making innovative and exciting music that sets her apart from the crowd. Hucek uses her powerful platform to advocate for women’s rights and start much-needed conversations around topics that need to be highlighted. 

We very much look forward to hearing what Marilyn Hucek will do next in 2021. She is an artist who is just getting started, and we know she will do significant things in the 2020s. What an exciting talent!

So make sure you add ‘Infinity’ EP to your playlist this week. You will not be disappointed!

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