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Matthew D Cobis
Matthew D Cobis

MDK FLA – ‘Chaotic Good’

Hailing from Fort Myers, musician MDK FLA has released the stunning electronic-pop album ‘Chaotic Good’. It is a release that you need to hear this Summer.

‘Blind’ opens the release to a compelling beat and layered instrumentation. We love the addictive nature of the track that draws the listener in and holds our attention effortlessly.

‘You Got It’ has a welcoming vibe and a warm production. The melodies are memorable, and the track takes unexpected twists and turns to keep the listener on their toes. In addition, we love the mix of styles that keep the song feeling fresh.

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‘On My Feet’ is a brilliant track filled with vivid colour and addictive beat. Also, ‘Raving Mania’ will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. MDK FLA is a master at mixing styles, and ‘Chaotic Good’ is an innovative and compelling release.


MDK FLA comments on his music, “I grew up in Brockton Mass loving Cyprus Hill, Tu-Pac, Biggie and the Beasties as much as I love Metallica (Pre Black Album), NoFX, Bad Religion and The Dead Kennedys.” He continues, “The first time I heard Rage Against the Machine it blew my mind. I didn’t include a whole lot of that rock/punk sonically in ‘Chaotic Good’, but I feel the attitude pervades the album. I just write what I like.”

Forthcoming Release

We are thrilled to see that MDK FLA has another release entitled ‘BlackStar’ due for release in July. Make sure you follow MDK FLA’s socials to be the first to hear about new music and new releases!

Exciting Talent

We are thrilled to have discovered MDK FLA (AKA Matthew Cobis). He is an exciting artist making music that reaches out and touches the listener. We can not wait to check out his previous release, ‘ZEROTIME’ too.

So make sure you add ‘Chaotic Good’ to your new music playlist this week. It is a compelling album that puts MDK FLA as an artist to watch in 2022.

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