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Melissa Gordon – ‘Songs From The Coven’

Hailing from New York, musician Melissa Gordon has released the must-hear album ‘Songs From The Coven’. It is a folk-pop release that needs to be heard this January 2023.

‘Got Our Share’ opens the release with addictive melodies, stunning vocal performances and brilliant instrumentation. It is a catchy and relatable release that sets the scene as to what is to come.

‘California’ is a standout song which showcases excellent fingerpicking, an intelligent arrangement and charismatic vocals. Moreover, ‘Upstairs’ is fuelled by tongue-in-cheek, relatable lyrics that are thoroughly charming, and Melissa Gordon’s personality shines through. In addition, the stripped-back instrumentation allows the excellent songwriting to shine through.

Also, ‘The Coven’ is a beautiful song with soulful vocal performances and melodies that stay with the listener long after the music has ended. Finally, ‘Cobwebs’ closes the release, and it will leave you reaching for the repeat button.

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Melissa Gordon says about the release, “‘Songs From The Coven’ is an all-acoustic release recorded by me at my Queens home of 10 years (nicknamed ‘The Coven’). She continues, “The record is a mix of older and newer songs.”


‘Songs From The Coven’ is precisely why we know the full album release will never die. It is a collection of songs that come together to form a much bigger body of work that creates a rich tapestry of excellent songwriting. It is an album that takes the listener on a journey.

One thing is for sure, Melissa Gordon is a troubadour of the highest calibre, and we can not wait to hear what she will do next in 2023.

Until then, ‘Songs From The Coven’ is an album you need to check out this week. So set aside half an hour, turn the lights down and the volume up; Melissa Gordon is going to take you on a ride!

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