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Mertens Folly – Sheldon

Mertens Folly – ‘I Just Wanna Learn a Lullaby’

Hailing from Holmdel, Mertens Folly has released the stunning album ‘I Just Wanna Learn a Lullaby’. It is an indie-rock release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this February.

‘Devils Garden’ opens the release and sets the scene for what will come. We adore the evolving band sound and addictive melodies. In addition, ‘Bright Red Lipstick’, is engaging with textured instrumentation and excellent storytelling vocals.

‘Rock Bottom’ takes the album in a fresh direction with an intelligent arrangement and staccato instrumentation. The charismatic vocals draw the listener in, and the addictive melodies ring out.

Moreover, ‘JLS (gotta be with you again)’ features an acoustic guitar, superb storytelling and thought-provoking lyrics. Also, ‘Too Much Tequila’ is a memorable song, while ‘Snowflake’ is an emotional track. Finally, ‘Live Life’ closes the release beautifully.


Mertens Folly says about the release, “The album is a testament to the power of family, as the bandmates are three generations of musicians who wrote and recorded the music for the love of it, not for fame or fortune. Any profits from the album will be donated to a charity that teaches financial literacy to kids.”

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Band Members

The band comprises of members Tom Flannery – writer, vocals, guitar and bass; Niko – writer, vocals, guitar, bass and percussion; John Flannery – drums and bass. They are clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, and magic happens when they play together.


In addition, Mertens Folly cites their influences as coming from artists such as The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Dispatch, Blink 182, Green Day, O.A.R., Muse, and The Killers. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Bright Red Lipstick’, but make no mistake, Mertens Folly is making music all of their own.

So make sure you add ‘I Just Wanna Learn a Lullaby’ to your new music playlist this week. Mertens Folly are a band that needs to be heard!

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