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FMS album coverFew Miles South are an Indie Country/Southern Rock Band based in Georgia, US. Their latest EP ‘Might Cloud’ has been released and we have been lucky enough to review it!

The beautiful EP opens with the title track, ‘Might Cloud’. Stamped firmly in the Country genre, it has a strong bass line which stands out immediately and carries the listener through throughout. We loved the banjo on the chorus, nodding to the country feel and adding an extra layer of depth. The fast guitar riffs, lyrical attitude and performance all make for a catchy song that must heard. 

‘Jojo’ opens with a phenomenal banjo and guitar duelling sequence. This song holds no punches, it starts as strongly as it finishes. It is relatable in nature with a catchy chorus and harmonies galore. It is fun country and you will leave you smiling all day. 

‘Walking to the Moon’ is a slower song. It leans more towards Country with a nod to Blues.  There is a glorious palm muted guitar which has been panned to the background but is still integral to the slowly driving feel. We thought the slide and pedal steel guitars were the perfect accompaniment and reiterate the Country genre further. 

When ‘On the Road’ starts, we see the tempo pick up again. There is superbly fast picked guitars and the bass and drums steer the tune through. The chorus’s are catchy, parts of them have been double tracked and the additional tambourine is the icing on the cake. 

‘Whats Your is Mine’ starts with a gorgeous organ opening. It is a love song in essence and this tone is struck divinely. There is a sweet electric guitar solo, tambourine and driving drums which all culminate to create the perfect storm.

On all of the tracks the backbone running through them is the powerful story telling ability that comes from the writing. The songs are all catchy and each offer something new to the table. Whether it be theme, instrumentation or being truly relatable, each song has it’s place and fill it extraordinarily well.

The overall mix, production and mastering of ‘Might Cloud’ is simply stunning. Its sound is rich, complex and substantial. The lower tones of the bass and drums really shine through but are still in harmony and balance with the mid and higher ranges too. The panning has been been executed perfectly and the effects such as reverb and delay made all of the tracks come through as a cohesive piece of work. There is also an undeniable exquisite level of musicianship on the EP. All of the players are clearly experts in their respective areas and make complicated parts sound like a breeze! The vocal performances are full of soul, depth and a rich, smooth tone. 

With an EP as strong as this one, we can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting group.

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018






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