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Mock Deer – Martyna Damięcka

Mock Deer – ‘Perceptions’

Mock Deer has released the magnificent EP ‘Perceptions’ in March 2022. It is a folk-rock release that sets Mock Deer as a leading light in the genre.

‘Human Code’ opens the EP to a gorgeously picked acoustic guitar. Mock Deer’s charismatic vocals appear, and they take the reins of the song. We adore the gentle instrumentation, which lets the fantastic songwriting shine through. It is a thought-provoking song set to wonderfully sympathetic instrumentation.

‘Contempt for Others’ showcases what a fantastic troubadour Mock Deer is. He captures the audience’s attention with unexpected chordal progressions and a masterful vocal performance. It is a song that evolves before the listener and unfolds beautifully.

‘Fires in the Rain’ takes the listener on unexpected twists and turns, keeping the piece feeling fresh. The layered vocals offer texture, and the main hook is memorable. Finally, ‘Father Time’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!

Guitars at zZounds

In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of ‘Perceptions’. The final product invites the listener in and holds their attention effortlessly.

Debut Album

In addition, this stunning EP was recorded around the time Mock Deer’s debut album ‘The Art of Loneliness’ was released. We thoroughly recommend checking out Mock Deer’s back catalogue too!

Scott Fitzgerald

Mock Deer worked with producer and collaborator Scott Fitzgerald on this stunning release. Together, the pair have crafted an EP that takes the listener on a journey that feels personal and deeply relatable.

Ricky Damiani

Mock Deer (AKA Ricky Damiani) is a London-based musician who consistently releases exciting and compelling music that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

So make sure you add ‘Perceptions’ to your playlist this week. Mock Deer is an artist who is destined to make waves with this superb EP, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next!

Until then, ‘Perceptions’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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