Mungo Park – ‘In Deep Watercolour’ EP Out Now!

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Mungo Park - 'In Deep Watercolour' EP
Mungo Park – ‘In Deep Watercolour’ EP

Mungo Park – ‘In Deep Watercolour’

Hailing from Spain, Mungo Park has released their excellent folk-rock EP ‘In Deep Watercolour’, on 3rd February 2022.

‘Fause, Fause’ opens the EP. First, a delicate piano’s inviting tones ring out and instantly draw the listener in. Then, as the vocals enter, the scene is set. We adore the song’s soothing vibe as it carries the audience along.

‘Lady Dysie’ has an upbeat feel from the get-go. An acoustic guitar rings out, and as the full band enters, the song is in full flow. There is a rise and fall in the instrumentation, which is attractive and compelling.

Guitars at zZounds

‘The Banks of the Nile’ opens to an infectious hook before the band kick in. The textured instrumentation drives the song along and has the audience’s toes tapping!

‘Angus Sutherland’ closes the EP with an upbeat and infectious song. It is a track that will have the audience reaching for the repeat button.


Mungo Park says about the release, “‘In deep watercolour’ wants to give our own vision about Scottish traditional music, with some traditional tunes and songs and some new fresh compositions by Raúl.”

Band Members

Mungo Park are comprised of band members Lioudmila Minaeva, Perfecto Flores, Busi, Raúl Peinado, and Carlos Calleja. They are all excellent musicians in their own right, but magic happens when they come together!

Raúl Peinado is the band’s founder. He wanted to create a band that played Scottish music in his town. The lineup was perfected after a long search, and Mungo Park was born!

Carlos Martínez

The EP was recorded at McIntyre studios in Villarrobledo, and Carlos Martínez has masterfully engineered it. Together, the team has created a piece of art that sets Mungo Park ahead of the crowd. They are a band innovating folk music, pushing boundaries and making waves.

So make sure you check out ‘In Deep Watercolour’ from the link below. Mungo Park is a band on the up, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next.

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