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REDSIX – ‘Vessel’ – FV Music Blog

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Jakarta based band Redsix for an interview. The band have released the stunning single ‘Vessel’, in February 2020. Check out our interview below!

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Hi Redsix, tell us about yourself?

Redsix is a pop-rock/alternative rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Redsix formed in 2018 and released the first single, Uproar. Redsix consists of Denny (vocals), Kevin (guitar), Wicak (guitar), Ipang (Bass) and Risma (drums). 

What is your songwriting process?

Usually, we’ll start with an interesting hook, whether it be a vocal part, guitar riff, or drum fill. From there, everyone usually builds on top of that until a song comes together. 

Tell us about your latest release.

Our latest release is our single “Vessel”. It’s a pop-rock ballad highlighting the ins and outs of a relationship. 

What message do you think your music conveys?

We naturally write songs based on personal experience, and since we’re just a bunch of normal guys that go through human experiences, we hope that people can relate and feel understood.

Who are your musical influences?

REDSIX is influenced by a very large spectrum of bands and artists, from Fall Out Boy to Toto and Blink 182 to Hall and Oates. We think being able to pull from such a large spectrum of references is what makes writing REDSIX songs really fun. 

Who are your non-musical influences?

That various a lot between each member of the band. But a common factor within the band is a love for film, so we look up to a bunch of different writers and directors. 

What’s the best gig that you have ever played?

We personally really enjoy playing at Jakarta’s version of emo night. We perform based on the energy fed to us from the crowd, and Jakarta’s emo night gigs are always so full of energy and are really fun to play. Plus we get to cover songs we grew up listening to, and that’s always a bonus. 

What is your funniest gig moment?

Well, the funny part of this story is mostly what happened after the gig. So we were one of the opening acts at a really crowded underground show, and we’re guessing that our songs were putting people in a very moshpit-y mood. As we’re nearing the end of our set, some guy decides jump kicks are a fun way to mosh and starts kicking the people around him. Long story short, it ended up inciting a riot, and the headliners had to cancel the show before they even played. We still talk about this gig to this very day. 

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

With everything you can achieve now with technology, anybody can make a song and have it heard around the world via a relatively simple process. While this is great and inspires more people to become musicians, it also leads to over-saturation, causing artists or bands to be easily drowned out. The good news is quality and perseverance never go unnoticed, so it is very important to dedicate time to your craft, so it stands out among the rest. 

What advice would you give other artists/bands starting out?

We want to tell them to just keep at it and always find room for improvement and expansion. Make sure to be committed and stay committed, and to really process criticism objectively, positively and productively to improve yourself further, constantly. Also, don’t forget to enjoy what you’re doing and creating. 

What are your hopes for the next two years?

We hope to continue making music and playing shows, hopefully consistently expanding our fanbase and providing quality that keeps improving and content that results in people having a lot of fun.  

Check out our review of Redsix’s latest single ‘Vessel’, here.

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