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We were fortunate enough to catch up with Water Rise following the superb release ‘Escape’. Read the full interview now!

What is your earliest music memory?

Very difficult question! I would say when I was a kid when my dad introduced me to the Supertramp vinyl “Breakfast in America”.

How did you get into the music industry?

I joined the group “Fiddle” in 2004, with whom we did several EPs, a self-produced album and around 60 roots concerts.

Who influenced your brilliant latest release, ‘Escape’?

For this piece, I was essentially influenced by The Black Keys and The Blues Brothers.

What’s the Rock scene like in Paris?

There is a lot of talent in this city; the competition is hard. I would say that it is not the most gifted group who succeed but those who persist the most. Paris is full of opportunities, but you should not expect to win money.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I never asked myself the question, but I would say that I would love to do a track with Damon Albarn from BLUR and also Simon NEIL from BIFFY CLYRO.

I would love to make a collaborative album with lots of artists who have influenced me and then defend it with an insane live. A first album will be the next step for me.

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

Music is my first passion, but I am also sensitive to nature; I love the great outdoors, as we can see in Quebec / New Zealand.
I also like everything artistic and, in particular, the world of comics, drawing or cinema.

What changes would you like to see in the music business?

I would like artists to be recognized a little more for their talents rather than their ability to be commercial. I no longer count the talented artists that I have come across and who have had to stop music.

For an independent artist, the low monetization of streaming and the lack of opportunity for radio appearances, for example, are real obstacles.

How do you feel about how the Internet plays a role in today’s music business?

For me, the Internet is an opportunity for artists like me who are just starting out. I would have loved to be able to have as much international exposure as my previous bands.

However, as it is easier to be seen, I think it is also more difficult to be recognized in the multitude of artists trying to make a place for themselves. I think the ones who persist stay.

So that can cause a lot of stress; some people will feel compelled to post and keep their audiences. Personally, I prefer to post when I have something real to share and not force myself.

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What would it be if you could choose one thing for fans to take away from your music?

I would say that this project explores different styles while keeping a rock spirit. Bass/drum combos are often at the centre of my tracks, and I try to surprise them with each new release.

What is your favourite song to play live?

‘Live your life’ is one of my favourite pieces to do live. It’s an instrumental song and a very personal track. I love it!

Have you started working on your next release?

I have two new songs in the works. I have one Rock, which is an idea that I need to seriously look into, and another one already in the works that is a bit hybrid and will feature a rapper.

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