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Olla – ‘Prana’

Hailing from Monaco, Olla has released the must-hear single ‘Prana’. It is a pop release that strikes at the hearts of its listeners.

‘Prana’ gently swims into the sonic spectrum. As Olla’s soulful vocals enter, they instantly take the reins of the song. We adore the relatable and thought-provoking lyrics that reach out and touch the listener.

In addition, the chorus is addictive and will have you reaching for the repeat button. It feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around.

Moreover, Olla’s vocal performance is simply sublime; she draws the listener in and holds our attention effortlessly. ‘Prana’ is a single that needs to be added to your new release playlist this weekend!

In addition, we adore the mix, master and production of ‘Prana’. Every part of the layered instrumentation shines bright in the mix and comes together to form a cohesive and addictive song.

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Olla says about the release, “The title comes from the yogic teaching and is translated from Sanskrit as ‘life force energy’ or ‘breath of life’.” She continues, “I feel my prana through love, which I believe is the greatest power on Earth. It is a healing, fulfilling and inspiring force that does conquer all.”


There is also a stunning video which accompanies the release. It provides the perfect visuals to go with the audio and adds further layers of texture to the piece. Check it out below.

We are thrilled to have heard ‘Prana’. Olla is a thoughtful and dynamic artist who is making music that drives the contemporary-pop genre forward into 2023. We are incredibly excited to hear what Olla will do next. She is an exciting talent who needs to be listened to this April.

‘Prana’ is available to stream from the player below. Enjoy today!

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