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'Only The Good Ones'
‘Only The Good Ones’

‘Only The Good Ones’

‘Only The Good Ones’ is the stunning EP from artists Brontë Horder, Leo Guardo and Cali Satellites. It is a four-track indie-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

The title track opens this phenomenal EP. Horder’s soulful vocals ring out and captivate the audience. We adore the backing instrumentation, which has been intelligently arranged and compliments the vocal performance.

‘Before We Say Goodbye’ is a hauntingly beautiful track with stunning vocals and a punchy beat. The introduction of the electric guitars riffs takes the song to the next level.

‘Life Of The Party’ opens to an addictive beat and mysterious vocals. It is a song that evolves before the listener. We love the relatable lyrics that reach out and touch the audience. Finally, ‘Don’t Trust A Word’ closes the brilliant EP and leaves the listener wanting more!


Leo Guardo is a DJ, music producer and sound engineer, Cali Satellites is a musician and composer, and Brontë Horder is an Australian composer and a singer. Together they have created an EP that is innovative and compelling in equal measures.

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The trio describes this collaborative EP as, “(A) new project lyrically focused on the power of words that comes as a natural evolution of past collaborations, and that is born with a completely new stylistic direction, to explore new musical boundaries in the name of complete creative freedom free to flow, without rules but with only the desire to express emotions and feelings of the human soul.”


We are so excited to have heard this magnificent collaboration between experienced musicians who are at the top of their game. We hope there will be further collaborations in the future as ‘Only The Good Ones’ is the start of something big for these artists.

So make sure you listen to ‘Only The Good Ones’ this week. It is an EP that reaches in and touches its listeners’ hearts. We can not recommend it highly enough!

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