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Raynald Grenier
Raynald Grenier

Raynald Grenier – ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’

The superb composer and musician Raynald Grenier is back with his classical release, ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’. He is an artist who is leading the classical genre in 2022, and ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’ needs to be heard this summer. 

‘1st Movement: In Nomine Patris’ opens the release to a grand and attention-grabbing beginning. As the composition evolves, the luscious string arrangements produce hauntingly beautiful melodies. We adore the subtle and trepidatious vibe that slowly opens up and then closes again, giving a push and pull within the instrumentation. 

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Next, ‘2nd Movement: Et Filii’ is filled with beautiful harmonies, and there is a synergy between the horns and the strings. It is a breathtaking piece that moves the audience and stays with them long after the music has ended. 

Finally, ‘3rd Movement: Et Spiritus Sancti’ closes the release. It is a song that brings the album to a head in the most wonderful way. Grenier takes the listener by the hand and leads them on a journey of wonder and excitement. 

Grenier has worked with the talented conductor Gilles Léveillé on this superb release, and it also features the wonderful Global Studio Philharmonic Orchestra. Together they have created a body of work that will stand the test of time.


Raynald Grenier cites his influences as coming from composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Mahler. Grenier is a modern-day composer who stands shoulder to shoulder with these giants of the classical genre. 

Composer of the Highest Calibre

Released officially at the beginning of July 2022, ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’ is available to stream now. Grenier is a composer of the highest calibre, consistently releasing music that touches the heart of its listeners. 

Forthcoming Album

We are thrilled to see this Canadian-based musician currently composing his seventh album, ‘ Symphony No. 2 in G Minor’. It is due for release in 2023, and we can not wait to hear it!

We can not recommend Raynald Grenier highly enough. ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’ is quite simply a stunning release, and we eagerly anticipate what Grenier will do next. Until then, ‘Symphony No. 1 in D minor’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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