Raynald Grenier – ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’ Album Available

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Raynald Grenier  - 'Beth & Noa - The Ballet'
Raynald Grenier – ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’

Raynald Grenier – ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’

Canadian-based composer Raynald Grenier released the superb album
‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, in October 2021. It is a classical instrumental release, that sets Grenier as an artist leading his field.

From the ‘Prologue’ beginning, the scene is set beautifully. ‘The Fortress’ is a piece that builds gently. It is layered and complex, filled with mystery and wonder.

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We very much enjoyed ‘Wrath of the Gods’, which switches from gentle melodies to deeply affecting ones. ‘The Ambush’ opens to an ominous beginning, soon evolving into a driving and enigmatic piece of music. In addition, ‘Noble Knight, Rest in Peace’ is a heart-wrenching piece of music, which is in equal parts beautiful and affecting.

A cinematic landscape of vivid colours and textures can be found throughout ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’. It is an album filled with rich and diverse pieces of music that capture the listener’s imagination. Grenier allows the audience into his world and holds their attention effortlessly.


Grenier describes the concept of the album,” ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, is about Princess Beth, the beloved daughter of the King, who is madly in love with Noa, a young and handsome soldier in the King’s army.” Grenier is able to convey stories and emotions to his audience with ease. He is a true talent who is continually pushing boundaries.

Sixth Album

We are so excited to see that Grenier is currently finalising his sixth studio album, which is due for release in spring 2022. It is entitled ‘Symphony No 1 in D minor’ and after hearing ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, we can not wait for the forthcoming album’s arrival.

So make sure you add ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’ to your playlist this week. Raynald Grenier is a talented, innovative and prolific composer making waves this February 2022.

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